creativeaspects.net offers a wide variety of creative digital services. web and print design, motion graphics, video shootings and post production, photography and more!
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hi, i am marc!

some of the cre­ative aspects of me come together on this plat­form called creativeaspects.net. i enjoy play­ing with this cre­ative out­let and am help­ing clients around the world with co-creating their web pres­ence, graphic design and other visual needs. i love what i do and am excited to bring my pas­sion into every project!

my cre­ative aspects are expressed in web design, graphic design, illus­tra­tion, motion graphics and video, 3D modeling, and pho­tog­ra­phy. you can buy my pho­tog­ra­phy, just contact me. if you haven’t already, please have a look at my port­fo­lio.

you can hire me for a project. or sev­eral. it doesn’t matter if you live next door or half way around the world; we can work together!

not sure yet? how about a free quote? con­tact me.


sup­ported and backed by my expe­ri­ence in a wide vari­ety of busi­nesses, from pub­lisher houses to direct mar­ket­ing agen­cies, i com­bine a broad array of resources to help you with your projects.

design has always been a pas­sion of mine, espe­cially as a kid when i drew all the time, from free­hand fash­ion styles to tech­ni­cal car draw­ings. later, i learned a lot about busi­ness and what is needed to man­age projects.

design is every­where, and as a designer, i never stop see­ing shapes and forms and get ideas. i get inspirations from my pho­tog­ra­phy, from abstract art, mod­ern archi­tec­ture and i love to travel.

i currently live and create in boulder, colorado – usa.